2-3.5 Ton Forklift


Forklift trucks that are made with the latest technical design provide you with excellent operating performance. DeltaLift forklift trucks high standard performance, comfortable driving experience and the simple and safe operation will make your work easier.

  • Environmental Friendly
    • The emission meets EC and EPA new regulation.
    • High-efficiency hydraulic system to lower the fuel consumption.
    • Using environmental-friendly materials.
    • Damping device on the mast to reduce impact and vibration.
    • Sound-insulation is used to reduce noise.
  • Ergonomic design
    • Using a power braking system to reduce footplate strength.
    • Control lever right located to effectively reduce drivers arm tiredness.
    • Dual combined switch lever as a car to enable easy operating.
    • Wide mast with good visibility.
    • Wide space for boarding and driving, increased leg space.
    • Engine automatic monitor control, when the engine oil pressure is too low or water temperature is too high, the engine will be automatically shut off.
  • Safety performance
    • The enclosed cabin is made of assembling steel plate, high strength overhead is designed to ensure safety.
    • The parking brake with a safety protection device, when the parking brake is working, the forklift will not move even if the direction lever is turned.
    • Safety device in-mast hydraulic system prevents material from falling down in case of a broken hose.
    • The high-pressure hose is designed far away from the driver.
    • Safety wire harness, using a waterproof plug.
1-1.8 Ton Petrol/Gas Forklifts
Model Unit CPQD10
Load Capacity Kg 1000
Load center mm 500
Free lift mm 155
Max. driving speeds (with/without load) km/h 13.5/14.5
Min. turning radius (outside) mm 1880
Max.gradeability (with/without load) % 45/28
Max. drawbar pull (with/without load) Kg 1885/910
Overhead guard height mm 2070
Mast height mm 1995
Max. lifting height mm 3000
Fork size (L/W/T) mm 770/100/31
Tyre (front) 6.50-10-10PR
Tyre (rear) 5.00-8-8PR
Ground clearance mm 110
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 12/50/20h
Total weight Kg 2220
Engine type Nisan H15 KA
Rated horse power KW/rpm 34.5/2500
Rated torque N.m/rpm 139/1800


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