1-1,8 Ton Forklift

  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Zero-emission
    • Low noise
    • Free of heavy metals
    • No corrosion
    • No acid mist volatilization
  • Maintenance Free
    • Not necessary to add fluid and is dustproof
    • Daily maintenance-free
    • Manual maintenance-free
  • Long Service Life
    • Over 75% capacity reserved after 4000 shifts operation
    • Longer service life than a lead-acid battery
    • 5 year or ten thousand hour quality guarantee for high performance
  • High Efficiency and Energy Savings
    • 2 hours charging lasts 6-8 hours of working demand
    • High-energy density, a self-discharging rate which is lower than 1% per month
    • 95% energy conversion rate, superior charging and discharging performance
    • Flexible to charge and easy to operate with no impact on battery life
    • Unnecessary to change battery thus saving you money
    • Suitable for working in both high and low environments
    • A lithium battery which is better than a lead-acid battery when working between -25℃ and 55℃
  • High Safety
    • According to the characteristics of industrial vehicles, it achieves a safety protection design which includes a lithium battery, a battery core type, pack technique and system power management
    • “Multiple node safety closed-circuit protection” realizing truck real-time closed-circuit protection in variable conditions
    • “ Lock affirming” function during charging avoids “hot connecting and disconnecting” operation effectively
    • “Whole system emergency button” to disconnect the truck control system and BMS power quickly ensuring truck safety
1-3 Ton Electric Forklifts
Model Unit CPD25
Load Capacity Kg 3000
Load center mm 500
Max fork height mm 3000
TIlt angle (F/B) deg. 6/12
Lift speed (with/without load) 360/280
Free lift mm 305
Travel max speed km/h 13.5
Min. turning radius mm 2250
Max. gradeability % 10
Length mm 3570
Width mm 1225
Overhead guard height mm 2150
Mast height fork lowered mm 2145
Overhead height fork raised mm 4050
Fork size (L/W/T) mm 1070/125/45
Ground clearance mm 115
Tread (front/rear) mm 1000/970
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 80/500
Tyre (front) 28x9-15-12PR
Tyre (rear) 18x7-8-14PR
Total weight Kg 4870


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